postheadericon Advantages and disadvantages of installing security cameras

Today, money plays a very important role in everyone’s life. This is because, money is important for everything right from birth to death. It is needed for one to live a normal life. People leave country, friends and family behind to earn money. Hence, it is important to save money. Money plays a key role. There are many ways one could save money. Some save the money as cash at home, some in banks for interest. When it is cash at home, it is also important to follow safety measures. Since money is very important today, without which one cannot live in earth, it is very common to see theft happening in almost all the places. This theft of money and property not only deprives one of happiness but also breaks them emotionally. One would not know what that money was saved for. It might have been for an operation or for college or for marriage etc. Losing the hard-earned money is the most painful thing that one can think of. Hence it is important to protect the property and money at home by installing security cameras and alarm systems around the home. CCTV cameras are closed circuit television videos that send transmissions to one computer or a set of computers. They track the recordings and these recorded video clips can be saved for future use.  There are both advantages and disadvantages of installing security cameras around the house, though government is advising landowners to install for safety purposes.

Advantages of installing cameras

The biggest and the most obvious advantage of installing a security camera in the home is to deter crime. Even if they are placed discreetly, the home owner would start to feel safe and it is priceless. The mere sight of cameras staring at them and the sheer thought of getting captured red-handed are intimidating enough. Cameras do not help in preventing the crime unless it has some alarming systems as to signal the neighbors, but they help in solving the crime after the robbery has taken place easily. One can benefit from it by installing excellent cctv Singapore based cameras because they have the best alarming systems as they help in gathering evidence and arrive at the spot in time.


The main disadvantage is the privacy issue. There have been cases where employees have objected to being constantly monitored through security cameras. This is because one can see cameras everywhere today except the bathrooms. Malls, large organizations, restaurants all have excellent cctv Singapore based cameras installed for the same purposes.

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