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postheadericon What Skip size do I need?

In almost every household, there would be a Skip as an essential part of the house. The statement, trapezoid shaped bin is available in various types; you have the closed skips, the open skips and the RORO skips (Roll on and roll off). It is basically your disposable dumpster or waste container that is essential in households. Whenever there is a sort of cleaning or a giant mess of waste, skips come in handy to take the waste away to a recycle spot or a landfill.

A big question that many people face when they start out to buy a new skip is, what kind of size of skip they are looking for. You order too big a skip, and you are paying for something you did not require; you order a smaller skip, you get the added expense of ordering another skip to meet your needs. So, it’s crucial to border just the right size, as per your requirement.

Before you start researching skip sizes, you need to zero in on some facts. These include, what type of waste your home/facility generates. As you separate your non-degradable waste, chances are, the amount of your waste reduces drastically, which will affect the size of skip you will choose. You also need to measure the spot for your skip properly.

Following are the sizes of some commonly available skips and their utility that you choose according to your needs: –

Mini 2 Yard Skip

This is the smallest of the skips, literally a baby. They are the ‘it’ thing for you if you have small household waste or occasionally have large clean-ups in the house.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 25

3 Yard Skip

These can be used for both domestic and commercial purposes. They are used in places especially where there are garden clean-ups or a part of the facility being refitted.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 35

4 Yard Skips

These are also called the Midi Skips and are used primarily for domestic purposes. Useful for a lot of DIY works, clean-ups and a lot of occasional works.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 45

5 Yard Skips

Also called the Adaptable Midi Skips, the best part about these Skips is the additional drop door it comes with, that allows the waste to be easily wheeled in.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 55

6 Yard Maxi Skip

Also called the Builders Skip, the 6 Yard Maxi Skip is used for construction purposes for all the construction waste to be gotten rid of.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 65

8 Yard Skip

The 8 Yard Skip has a lot of practical uses, including renovations in a part of the home, and small construction jobs.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 80

10 Yard Skips

These are giant Skips that can be used for a number of purposes; renovations, moving waste and even at decent building sites.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 100

12 Yard Skip

This Maxi Skip is one of the most popular among Maxi Skips and can be taken up for industrial purposes and large jobs.

No. of Bin Bags it can hold: 120

For more information, visit: The Skip Company.