postheadericon Lockers are having resale value at the time of disposal

A family is having more gold and silver products plus diamond rings and other jewelleries. The family is interested in locking all these products safely. The family is seeking a best locker to buy in new condition. Head of the family is searching in all shops, shop owner informs this kind of locker is made to order, not available in readymade. So the person is reaching to a company which is making a locker. The company informs only huge number of order is required to make the lockers. Single locker is not made to any person. Therefore, that person is trying, used safes for sale he finds the used one. This seemed to be good and he is locking all valuables in the locker. All in sudden his transferred to different city. From his place to the new office is about one thousand kilo meters. He plans to sell all the goods; he sells everything which is with heavy weight. When he is selling the locker he is selling at the purchased rate. Always used products, would fetch same rate, because buyer is not aware the product is purchased newly or in second hand this is the reason he is ready to pay the amount asked by the seller. So the person who sells all the used products would be happy, the reason what he has spent for the product, he is receiving back at selling time.


While buying a used iron product, buyer is checking the thickness of the iron metal. In case the metal is straw one he is not buying that product. He is selecting only enough thickness iron product. Apart from this he is checking the lock system and he tries to open when it is locked. He could not open it, therefore, he is happy others cannot open without the necessary key. The owner is offering the seller two keys,. So one key is kept safely and one key is in use. In this way the buyer is very much happy, for having two keys. One can be provided for his wife, one key can be had by this person.

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