postheadericon New roof window and interior design trends in the UK in 2018

Everyone is always looking for a means to make their homes look better. This could mean replacing the old items with new trendy ones. Revamping your home in 2018 is going to be adventurous. There is a team of experts who are always working to ensure that your home fantasies come true. Already, there are new roof windows and interior designs which are in the market to make your home look better in 2018. Several beautiful roof windows have been designed to help you rejuvenate your home in the following year.


Modern Craft

The elegant hand crocheted lampshade has never looked so cool. This model by Naomi Paul is an accurate proof of just how the traditional design can meet the modern designs to produce an unprecedented amazing lampshade. This hybrid is expected to come with some modifications in 2018. With this model, the aggressive colours and the fresh twists are just an improvement of what was known as the traditional design. It is now used to meet the tastes and preferences of people that live in the world, which technology define almost every aspect of life.


Forest-green Velvet

The forest green velvet is standing out of the crowd as it has deep, rich shades which are green velvet. For an extended period, dark green has been a trend in many homes, but this time, it is coming with an extra touch of bold velvet upholstery. That said, Forest-Green Velvet in 2018 shall be irresistible by the home owners who believe in the powers of dark green mixed with velvet upholstery. As if that is not enough, the model is incorporated into some gold and diamond accents to make it even more appealing to the eye.


Roof Windows to look for in 2018

The roof windows must be crafted so that they do not only provide light but style. That is why Roof Windows by Frako are the best for they are modelled to fulfil every fantasy that every homeowner has. FAKRO is happy to inform you about some of the roof windows to lookout for in 2018.


High Pivot

Just like the centre pivot window, the high pivot has the same operation. The slight difference is that it has the pivot of rotation somewhere around the top frame of the glass. With this modification, a tall person can easily walk up to the edge of the window. The upper section of the sash provides extra space for ventilation as long as the window is open. The lower shaft is an extra space for the accommodation of the top hung window.


Highly Energy Efficient Windows

This model is a perfect fit if you are looking for an energy efficient window. It is crafted with sashes that are wider than the ones for ordinary windows; that way, it can minimize the instances of thermal bridges and hence better window insulation. The hinge is situated above the centre to allow even the tallest person to walk to the edge of the window. For more window designs for 2018, visit Roof Windows by FAKRO.

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